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Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer vacations might be cheaper by plane

Check out the Downhome Magazine submission of the week, sent in by Aiden Mahoney. This lucky pooch is taking in the view from the summit of Hare Hill near Newfoundland's Grand Lake. Now that's a spectacular top o' the mountain view!

For those driving through Canada this summer, it's going to be an expensive vacation. The average price for gas in Newfoundland is $5.28 a gallon (converted) and Nova Scotia is $5.13. 

Someone told me last week that gas in Alaska is $10 a gallon. Don't believe it. According to Gas Buddy, the highest in the state is in Bethel at $5.45 a gallon. And in Ketchikan, it's cheaper than here in York, at $3.65.

Round trip air fare to St. John's is $765. A few quick calculations show that, including gas and ferry costs, it would cost about $700 to drive roundtrip-- and 64 hours of driving.  By plane, you'd arrive in St. John's six hours after departing Baltimore-Washington Airport.

And don't think you'll get much of a break because of the Canadian dollar. It's nearly even right now.

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