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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drag Irene's prunings to Spring Grove

While Vermonters are digging out from Irene's deluge of rain, most of York and the rest of the east were relieved to have Irene slide past with just a slap, not a punch.

Just the same, Irene pruned plenty of trees, uprooted a few more, leaving York Countians with a truck load of branches, leaves and sticks. If you live in York, you only have to keep yard waste until Saturday, since it's the first Saturday of the month, and that's the only time Yorkers can dump massive amounts of yard waste at the city site. Imagine if Irene happened this week-- you'd be stuck with piles of shrubbery until next month. Lovely.

And people wonder why they find piles of limbs and leaves dumped along the creek. Clean your yard, show you care for your neighborhood, and keep a pile around for a month. Something just isn't right. Of course, Yorkers can fill their yellow recycle cans once a week for collection, but that still might leave a pile the size of a small car.

Here's another idea-- fill your pickup or trailer as many times as you want and trek to Spring Grove's H & H Excavating and Construction. From sunset to sunrise, seven days a week, you can dump your yard waste (not grass clippings!) and watch the pile turn into mulch. Don't try to dump anything else there-- surveillance cameras are watching. You're rid of your unsightly pile of sticks, and H & H makes their pile a bit higher.

Everyone wins.

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