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Monday, September 19, 2011

Marines training for boot camp

Top-- Marine private Jose Pol screams orders at a poolee, or prospective Marine, during physical training last week. The training, says Sgt. Patrick D. Herman, is made to simulate Parris Island boot camp, and 'sets up the poolees for success.'

Top right-- Dakota Fauver, York City, carries Phillip Tracey, Glen Rock, across muddy ground last week at the York  Fair during physical training while answering the sargeant with a crisp "Yes, sir!" or "No, Sir!"

Kayla Mills, Dover, takes a quick break during physical training exercises last week at the York Fair. The training is to help poolees (prospective Marines) get ready for Parris Island boot camp.

Matthew Dietz, Thomasville, carries Jessica Bonaduci,York City, during physical training exercise at last week's York Fair.

Jessica Bonaduci, York City, her face covered with mud, stands at attention while a Marine yells orders and instructions.

Phillip Tracey, Glen Rock,  left, and Parker Reed, York City, simulate dragging another Marine during a fire fight during which they'd be forced to slide along the ground.

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