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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday kicks off holiday shopping-- video

Could never understand why someone would wait in line for hours or days for anything, much less a Christmas gift, or the lure of the same. Four hours before the West Manchester Target store opened at midnight, the line had already wound to the back of the store. Shoppers brought lawn chairs, radios and even heaters to the event.
And it's truly an event. A group of sisters and cousins were first in line. "'First in line, or go home' is our motto," said one. They lay siege to different stores every year, and sometimes renew acquaintances with shoppers from the year before. It's more than shopping, it's a battle against other people, the clock and the number of items available -- wide screen TVs were the big ticket. They-- mostly women-- wait for hours and then rush the door at opening, load their carts with merchandise. They are finished in 20 minutes.They insist that if they had waited until -- heaven forbid-- 9 p.m., many of the items on their lists would have already been purchased and unavailable forever.  Really?

Target kept the shoppers smiling, keeping late-comers away from the door. They had to put in their share of waiting. The store offered snack bars, coupons for merchandise and had security personnel everywhere-- everywhere. Very impressive.

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