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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Macy's shopping spree for the blue-collared

Randy Phillips and his co-workers at York Wallcovering were expecting Thursday to be told that their health insurance was going to be cut. Instead of that depressing news, all the workers were awarded a $200 shopping spree at Macy's in the West Manchester Mall. Things are going well at York Wallcovering.

One of the rules concerning the shopping spree was that all gifts had to be purchased by the employe and for the employe. It was interesting seeing Grandmas and Grandpas buying stuffed toys (helps them sleep at night?) and the men buying perfume.

The topper was all the men in the housewares department who were getting tutorials from the sales staff about what all that kitchen stuff does.

Workers were bussed in, and the store added a party atmosphere with balloons, and a welcome committee.

The workers came straight from their work stations, so if they get dirty at work, those were the clothes in which they rushed the Macy's doors. Phillips works in the surfacing department, and his outfit might be setting a new trend in casual clothes. It's not often you see Phillips' attire in a classy store like Macy's.

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