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Monday, November 19, 2012

Gingko trees, goldfinches and the sun

I've always liked yellow; its bright, clean look, and how you can almost hear the color trying to mellow even your toughest day. And it's the eye's seasonal alarm clock, reminding us that things are about to change.    Yellow daffodils and bright forsythias signal that it's time to put away the skis and rock salt-- spring is here. That was six months ago, and today the almost electric yellow maple and gingko trees are gently prodding us once again to take down the porch swing and button up for winter's hibernation.
. Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Shades of golden yellow carry the promise of a positive future. Yellow will advance from surrounding colors and instill optimism and energy as well as spark creative thoughts.  From
 Yellow is light, joyful. The sun is yellow. Goldfinches are yellow.  Sunflowers.  The yellow brick road.  A Yellow SubmarineGlowing Peace rose, black eyed susans, marigolds, coreopsis. It's a color, an outlook and a mood.

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